4 Things to Do Before You Enrol Your Child In Music Lessons

Are you thinking about starting your child in music lessons? Here are 4 things you can do before you do just that! 

  1. Make sure they are interested in music:

Learning music should be a joyous and fun experience for children. We’ve all heard stories about kids being forced into lessons by their parents, only to grow up resenting music forever. Every child is on a different timeline when it comes to discovering their interests, and is it best when it comes to music to let its pull arrive when and if it wants to. 

With this being said, there are numerous ways to help this discovery process along. Simple playing songs around the house or having toy instruments available to make some noise with in their activities area can be a great way to see what they are drawn to. 

At Toronto Art’s Academy we also offer a one month trial for your young ones, in order to help you find out if they are ready to begin their musical journey. 

2. Find out what kind of music they like:

It is quite a helpful exercise to make a list of songs or musical styles that your child likes and wants to learn. When a student is engaged with what they are studying they retain more information in a shorter time frame! This also keeps the learning process fun by becoming more like a game, something that they want to reach the end of, rather than simply an exercise. 

From Baby Shark to Fur Elise, musical goals of every level are fantastic! 

3. Think of a consistent practice time that would work for them:

When it comes to practice, consistency is key! It is better to practice twice a week for 15 minutes than once every two weeks for an hour. This is because music is both mental and physical; it takes time and repetition for the muscles and the mind to connect with each other.  

Before starting lessons, it can be a useful idea to plan out a weekly time for your child to practice. This way they will get in the habit of sitting down with their instrument, and their growth with continue forward with a steady pace. 

4. Consider what instrument is best suited for them:

Before enrolling in lessons it’s a good idea to think about what instrument would best suit your child. Each kind requires different physical skills, and it is common for one to be a more natural fit than another. For example, guitar is often harder to start with for kids under 4 due to the dexterity and hand strength it requires.

Luckily, at Toronto Art’s Academy we offer group classes that allow our students to try out the guitar, piano, singing, or drums! Also, almost all of our teachers are adept at multiple instruments, so if your child ends up wanting a change it’s no big deal. 

If your little one has a spark for music, they will love learning and experiencing every note with us! 

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