5 Common Misconceptions About Learning Music

1. You need to have a special talent

We hear this one time and time again. There is a myth out there that only people who are born with a “musical gift” can play an instrument or sing. Of course, as with anything else some people are more naturally adept, but the truth is that anyone can learn! 

With practice, persistence and the right teacher even someone without any musical background can become a competent and confident player or singer. 

2. If you don’t start as a child it’s too late 

For some reason, the world has decided to equate music with athletics, in the sense that if you don’t begin at an extremely young age you may as well never start. The truth is that while child prodigies exist, there are numerous examples of famous artists who picked up music later in life, for example Ray LaMontagne at 28, or Charles Bradley whose first album came out in his 60’s! 

There is no age too late to begin learning music journey. In fact, studies show that doing so later in life actually promotes brain health! 

3. It takes years to see improvement 

While it does take years to truly master an instrument, improvement can be made and seen every single week. Learning music is a classic Tortoise and Hare Situation, slow and steady wins the race!

What’s important is consistency. If you keep spending time practicing you will look back within a month or two and see the massive strides you’ve taken, and that is one of the best feelings to have in life. 

piano lesson with piano teacher teaching young girl on a roland piano

4. If you learn about how music works, you will lose your creativity

In the arts world, there is this detrimental rumour that actually learning about the how of the creative act will somehow remove all mystery and squash it. While this fear is understandable, as creativity is fragile and the muse can be fickle, this is simply not true. Understanding theory and proper technique can only help you and provide the tools to be able to express what you have in your head and heart. 

Besides, one of the best things about music is that you can never know everything, never learn it all, there is always some new mystery to unravel. 

5. If you’re shy, you’ll never be able to play in front of anyone.

Music is a performing art, and understandably this can be a frightening preposition, especially for an anxious or shy personality. However, we have had many students just like this and it has been a wonderfully rewarding experience. Our teachers are compassionate, understanding, and able to understand and work with all types of students. 

If you’ve always wanted to sing or play an instrument, but the thought of doing so in front of another person has scared you off, we are the school to come to! You will feel comfortable and at home with your musical output in no time. 

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