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Our mission is to provide a safe environment where our students can build the musical skills they can enjoy for a lifetime. We’ve invested heavily in building a community of supportive, fun and friendly staff that all believe in that goal.

Our academy values individualized learning, where students can build essential creative skills and learn to exercise that creativity so they can experience a lifetime of success in any area.

We pride ourselves on hiring the most expert and personable teachers in Toronto, making us the most sought-after place for music lessons and musical development.

These are some of the many achievements we’re most proud of:

  • We’ve won Toronto’s best music school 6 years in a row!
  • We make sure to provide not only the best musical experience for our students, but also a suite of additional features included with lessons for free!
  • Trophies and wristbands to celebrate REAL achievement
  • Free twice annual performances at beautiful theatres
  • Free photo days with a professional photographer
  • Acomprehensive family safety program
  • Unlimited makeup lessons each month.
  • Month to month enrollments, with no long contracts or commitments!
  • Positive, welcoming, and supportive learning environments

We’ve seen wonderful transformations of all kinds in our students. We’ve seen our students transform that came in shy or withdrawn, and within a few months blossom into become engaged in our school and become more confident and expressive. We’ve students who believed they could never sing, or never play an instrument, in time are able to overcome their challenges and become skilled and creative in ways they’ve never imagined. We’ve seen young musical prodigies as young as 2 years old really take off. And we’ve worked with students as old as 80 helping them experience greater ease in their musical abilities. We’ve also had students collect awards and certifications for their learning. Overall we feel so blessed to have the opportunity year after year to help our students achieve their goals and experience success in their life.

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Grand Opening - Toronto Arts Academy
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Music Lessons
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