Black History Month Feature Artist: Joy Oladokun

Black history month is upon us! Here at the school we love to use this month to shine a light on amazing Black artists around the world!

This year we’ve chosen to to focus on current Black musicians creating extraordinary art.

Joy Oladokun

Introducing Joy Oladokun from Arizona!

Joy Oladokun: Artist You Need to Know - Rolling Stone

Oladokun is a Singer-Songwriter who’s music incorporates elements of folk, R and B and rock. Both her musical and lyrical stylings are influenced by her identity as a Queer Woman of Colour.

She has been making music since 2016, but came into the national spotlight in 2020 with her album In Defence Of My Own Happiness.

in defense of my own happiness - Album by Joy Oladokun | Spotify


She has toured widely and performed on national television numerous times.

Here she is on Colbert with her song Sunday

And here she is with a small set of her songs on NPR’s Tiny Desk!

We absolutely love her tone and the emotion she can deeply convey!

Closing Notes

Hit play, enjoy the beauty of her music and thank us later!

Also, be sure to check out the blog next week for more featured Black artists this Black History Month!

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