Black History Month Feature Artist: Mustafa

Black history month is upon us! Here at the school we love to use this month to shine a light on amazing Black artists around the world!

This year we’ve chosen to to focus on current Black musicians creating extraordinary art.


Introducing Mustafa from our home Toronto, Canada!

Mustafa, a Folk Hero for a Weary Generation - The New York Times

Mustafa is a poet, singer and musician who’s music incorporates elements of hip hop, folk and spoken word.

He has been releasing music since 2014 but just recently he released his debut album, 2021’s When The Smoke Rises.

The album captures the resiliency of Toronto’s Regent Park neighbourhood.

Mustafa: When Smoke Rises Album Review | Pitchfork


Mustafa has toured and performed on national television numerous times.

Here is one of his biggest songs Hearse

And here he is with a live set on KEXP

We absolutely love the depth and emotion of his lyrics.

Closing Notes

Hit play and enjoy the deep thinking his music inspires!

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