Black History Month Feature Artist: CKay

Black history month is upon us! Here at the school we love to use this month to shine a light on amazing Black artists around the world!

This year we’ve chosen to to focus on current Black musicians creating extraordinary art.


Introducing Singer and producer CKay from Nigeria.

Artist to Watch: CKAY « Shodement

CKay describes his music as “Afro-Pop from the future” and combines elements of Dancehall, Rap, Pop, R and B

and Afrobeat.


If you are unfamiliar with the genre of Afrobeat check out this short documentary here!

Breakout Hit

CKay’s 2019 single “Love Nwantiti” became a viral hit world wide and was particularly huge as a dance song on Tik Tok! We love his smooth vocals and raspy tone.

Recent Releases

His latest release is a feature on a song by Ayra Starr entitled Beggie Beggie. It offers a more emotional sound than “Love Nwantiti” and showcases CKay’s diversity as an artist.

Closing Notes

Hit play, enjoy the infectious rhythms and thank us later.

Also, be sure to check out the blog next week for more featured Black artists this Black History Month!

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