Common Questions about Voice Lessons Answered!

Surprisingly, it can be hard to find the answers to common questions about voice lessons; that’s where this article comes in!

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Here, the most common questions about voice lessons will be answered!

Do voice lessons really work? 

This is possibly the most common question beginner singers have

We know that if people take piano and guitar lessons they will learn those instruments, yet when it comes to singing there is often some doubt! 

A large part of this belief is the discouraging myth that one has to be “talented” to sing, that “some people have it and some people don’t”. 

Well it is true, as with anything, that some people are more naturally inclined, anyone can improve their voice with proper vocal training! 

Check out our article on what you will specifically improve upon here! 

How Do I Know My Voice Lessons Are Working?

Like all good things in life, developing a healthy voice takes time! 

Learning to sing is a lot like going to the gym. It depends on how much you practice and how well you practice. 

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If you stay consistent you will see improvement

We recommend that you record yourself now and then throughout your vocal journey. This way, you can listen back to older recordings and clearly hear how much you’ve improved! 

How many voice lessons do you need? 

The answer to this question depends on your goals. 

For some students who just want an introductory knowledge base, a couple months may suffice. 

For more serious students, there really is no number! 

Think of a premiere athlete like Lebron James; even he has a coach. 

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And just like athletes, so do all of your favourite singers! 

Even those at the top of their game need someone to keep them in shape and make sure they don’t slip into bad habits. 

Singing, and music in general, is a journey without a destination. There are always new things to learn and improve upon, and that’s what makes it so exciting! 

Can you find your own style by taking singing lessons? 

Yes, yes, yes a hundred times yes! 

Singing teachers clearly explain the elements that comprise the styles of singers. They breakdown each technique and show how anyone can implement them in their own voice. 

This is how singers create their own style, by learning from other singers and taking the parts they connect with most and discarding the others. 

Singing lessons show students what to listen for and provide the tools to discover their own unique style. 

Do famous singers take voice lessons?

Nearly every famous singer has a vocal coach. It is one thing to be naturally talented, but another to be able to sing well for 2 hours a night 5 nights a week. 

Vocal coaches help singers get the most out of their voices, and provide instruction to keep them healthy and sound their best! 

Check out this session with famous vocal coach Seth Riggs andl Michael Jackson! 

It might sound a lot like some of your own lessons! 

Can singing lessons make you more “musical”? 

Yes, of course they can! 

Singing isn’t just about the voice.

Vocalists need to have an understanding of general musical elements such as phrasing, timing, melody, harmony and timbre. 

As with any other instrument, singers learn their musicality by performing in the context of a track full of other instruments. 

With each song and concept learned, musicality improves in tandem! 

Final Notes

So, what are you waiting for! Give us a call at 647 748 2787 to start your vocal journey today!

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