Comparing Private Music Lessons and Group Class Learning

 If you are debating whether it is better to study music in a group class or enroll in one-on-one lessons you are not alone. It’s a tough choice, and both types of learning have their benefits and challenges.

Private lessons: 

The largest benefit of taking private lessons is that the student receives the teachers full attention. Thus, corrections can be made quickly and directly. 
In this intimate configuration the teacher is free to skip over skills that are too easy for the student, or spend extra time on ones that prove to be more difficult. 

The classes can also be tailored specifically to the interests of the student. When a new musician is able to choose their own songs and technique path it helps to keep them interested and invested in the process. 

The downside of having solely private lessons is that the student misses out on the communal aspect of music. Having peers to play with creates camaraderie, teaching and providing a vital social component to musical development (as explained in the next section).

Group Lessons: 

Group lessons offer the value of communal learning. Just like in a math classroom, students make friends, help each other, and learn together. This is especially beneficial in music because it provides a consistent opportunity to play with other musicians, a skill nearly impossible to develop alone.  

Group classes also provide an opportunity to see what level others are at, which can inspire to keep pace or to have a real life goal to work towards. Practice, practice! 

Unfortunately, in group learning the teacher is unable to spend as much time to adapt learning individually with each student. The teacher must also work to the classes average knowledge level, meaning certain things may be too hard for some and a bit boring for others. 

Luckily, here at Toronto Arts Academy both methods are available to each student. Included with weekly private lessons are unlimited group make-up classes for every instrument that we teach. Students can even take make-up classes for instruments other than their own, allowing them to try something new for an hour and test the waters. 

It’s the best of both worlds at Toronto Arts Academy!

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