Guitar Student Quick Links

Practicing can be hard! It’s tough enough to find the time, never mind having to organize everything you  need before you sit down to learn. That’s why we’ve created our T.A.A Guitar Quick Links! This page is here to quickly and easily provide you access to everything you need for a practice session. Enjoy and happy practicing! 

Online Guitar Tuner

Remember to always tune up before you sit down to play! Here is a great Online Guitar Tuner Quick Link.

Guitar Tuner - Tune Standard Guitar Online - E A D G B E - YouTube

Remember, standard guitar tuning from low to high is E, A, D, G, B, E. 

Online Metronome

Practicing with a metronome is one of the best things you can do to improve your sense of feel and timing. Since they can take up a lot of desk space, here is an easy Online Metronome Quick Link!

Metronome" Neurons Act like Timekeepers in Mouse Brains - Scientific  American

Misplaced Capo Quick Fix

We’ve all been there! Those sneaky capos are almost as good as picks are at disappearing! Here’s a quick and dirty tutorial on How to create a makeshift capo when yours goes missing!

4 Steps On How To Make Homemade Guitar Capo [DIY]

Guitar Tabs and Chords

Here is a quick link to Ultimate Guitar, the largest free online library of chords and tabs for all of your favourite songs. 

Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs - Apps on Google Play

Guitar Sheet Music

Practicing guitar with sheet music instead of just tab and chord can be a great learning tool! Sheet music provides more in depth information about a piece of music. Musescore has great arrangements of tons of popular songs for guitar!

Logos and Graphics | MuseScore

Guitar Tab Refresher

Tab is a great way to start your guitar journey. Here is a quick and easy guitar tab refresher!

Reading Guitar Tabs for Beginners | School of Rock

Guitar Chords Chart Library

There are tons and tons of chord shapes out there! Here is a library of all the basic chords you need to play most pop and rock music.

11 Basic Guitar Chords for Beginners (Easiest Ones) - MG

Guitar Lesson Books We Love

Here are some guitar quick links to the most popular lesson books at our school!

Guitar Equipment Stores

When you need a quick repair or some new picks these fantastic stores around the GTA are here to help!

Long and McQuade: Downtown Toronto, North York and The Danforth  

Long & McQuade - Sing! The Toronto International Vocal Arts Festival

Cosmos Music: Richmond Hill 

Cosmo Music | Canada's #1 Music Store - Shop, Rent, Repair

Steve’s Music: Downtown Toronto

Junction Guitars: The Junction 

Junction Guitars - Opening Hours - 2776 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON

Mother of All Guitar Shop: Roncesvalles

Mother of All Guitar Shop Roncesvalles Village Business Listings

Paul’s Boutique: Kensington Market 

Paul's Boutique | Toronto's finest vintage musical instruments, guitars,  basses, amps, effects and recording equipment

Cask Music: The Beaches 

Cask Music | Search and Distro Music Equipment

Closing Notes

Well, there you have it, our Guitar Quick Links! Good luck with your practicing! And feel free to reach out to your teacher with any other questions!

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