How To Buy A Drum Kit For Your Lessons

The drums are the heart and soul of so many styles of music. They set the beat, tempo and groove that whole band follows; essentially, they are the driver of the band! 

The drum set is actually a compilation of a bunch of different kinds of percussion instruments. This is what makes the skins such a fun and coordination challenging instrument. Amazingly, some drummers are also famous singers. Imagine trying to keep a beat and remember all those words! 

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If you want answers to the following questions, then keep on reading!

  • What kind of kit should I get?
  • Will a digital kit work?
  • What other musical equipment do I need to get started? 

Acoustic Drum Kits

Acoustic drum kits are composed of multiple members of the percussion family: the kick, floor tom, mid tom, high tom, hi-hat, ride cymbal, and crash cymbal. 

Each piece plays an important role in creating interesting rhythmic patterns. 

Acoustic drums are of course loud and take up a hefty amount of space! Much like an acoustic piano, though they sound and play with greater nuance and dynamic than their digital counterparts they are not always practical for every space. 

With this being said, there are mutes and certain types of sticks that can cut the volume down considerably. Playing on an acoustic kit forces students to focus on their technique in order to sound solid. 


  • Acoustic nature allows for ultimate dynamic and playing control 
  • Doesn’t require any power
  • There’s something about a real kit that is just more fun! 


  • Loud volume 
  • Takes up a lot of space 
  • Difficult to transport 

Here are a few models to take a look at: 

Mapex Tornado Rock Drum Set $525

Tornado Rock Drum Set in Burgundy

A perfect starter set, this kit comes with everything needed to get playing some beats!

Tama Club-Jam Kit $729

Club-JAM Flyer 4-Piece Kit (14, 8, 10, SN) with Hardware and Throne - Candy Apple Mist

This guy is a compact kit, perfect for musicians on the go or those looking for a smaller at home foot print.

Ludwig Drums Class Maple $3,950

Classic Maple SE 4-Piece Shell Pack (22, 13, 16, SN) - Marine Pearl

Ludwig is a top tier brand for drums, made famous by Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham!

Led Zeppelin's John Bonham honoured with hometown festival | UNCUT

Electric Drum Kits

As technology progresses there are more and more fantastic electric drum kits on the market. Electric kits use rubber pads in the place of actual drums. When one of these pads is struck a sample is triggered and played through headphones or an amplifier connected to the kit. 

A great feature of electric kits is that these samples can be changed. Most kits come stock with multiple digital packs and can be updated as the musician sees fit. This is amazing for players who like to experiment with different genres. 


  • Make practicing completely quiet 
  • Take up less space than an acoustic kit 
  • Drum samples can be changed 
  • Easy to transport 


  • Electric design isn’t as authentic sounding as an acoustic kit 
  • Dynamics and tone control are not as sensitive as an acoustic kit 

Here are a few models to take a look at: 

Alesis Nitro $549

A fantastic kit for beginners, Alesis has been a staple in the electronic drum market since the 80’s with their famous line of drum machines.

Roland TD-17K-L $1,299

Roland makes the most realistic electric kits around. Here is one of their midrange models to take a look at.

Roland TD-50KVS $8,695

The most realistic electric kit available on the market! This set makes recording the skins a breeze.


Hand Drums

The drum set is just one of the many percussion instruments in the world. It is also a combination of all the types of drum that make up a marching band. Beginners looking to work towards playing the kit can do well to begin with a single drum such as a Djembe, Cajon or Conga. Learning on one of these instruments allows the player to focus on their rhythm, timing and coordination in a more specific and focused manner. 

Granite Percussion Cajon $125

From Peru, the Cajon is a perfect way to start your drumming journey!

Rhythm Tech Bongo Set $150

Don’t be mislead, these little ones pack a lot of punch!

African Djembe $329

Listen to the versatility this single drum provides!

Practice Pads

Practice pad sets don’t make any noise yet still rebound the stick like a real drum! This allows players to practice along with their favourite songs in complete silence. 

Drum Workshop Go Anywhere Set $270

Go Anywhere Practice Pad Set

Drum and Cymbal Mutes

These mutes are attached to an acoustic drum kit in an effort to reduce the volume. Well they don’t make each hit completely silent they knock the sound down enough for comfortable at home practicing. 

Vic Firth Drum and Cymbal Mutes $120

Whatever drums you choose to invest in, the most important part is getting started and making time to play.

P.S don’t worry, our lessons are all about a fun learning environment, nothing like this!

Take care and happy drumming!

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