How To Understand What Is Unique About Your Own Voice Part 1: Tone and Timbre

We love our favourite singers because they are instantly recognizable. As soon as their words hit the speakers we know it’s their unique voice and no one else’s. 

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But how do they do that? Were they just born with a gift? Possibly. 

But here’s some food for thought. 

When you hear someone in your life speak, whether that be family, friends, co-workers or even a stranger at a party, can’t you immediately separate their voice from everyone elses? 

Of course! So then it is fair to say that all voices are unique and recognizable. 

Before we dig in, a reminder to check out Coach Michelle’s video at the top of this post for a visual and audio demonstration! 

What is Timbre? 

Timbre is a fancy music work that refers to the sound quality of a person or instrument. A person’s timbre is what makes their voice unique and recognizable. 

An clear example would be that timbre is what makes a trumpet sound different from a piano.  

Education Chart Of Different Sound Timbre Diagram Stock Photo, Picture And  Royalty Free Image. Image 98918799.
This chart shows the different visual soundwaves each instrument creates

Some words that are commonly used to describe timbre are dark, light, smokey, raspy, and sweet. 

Thanks to the unique physicality of every person on the planet, we each have our own timbre. The challenge is to apply that innate uniqueness to singing and not just speaking. 

Why Is It Difficult To Sound Like Yourself When Singing? 

We tend to learn by imitation, and because of this we often lose our personal attributes in favour of whomever we have mimicked the most in our formative process. 

Remember, no matter what the song, as soon as you start singing it is your verse and not theirs anymore! 

Your unique voice is there already, you just have to uncover it! 

What Are Some Exercises To Help Me Find My Own Unique Voice?

Check out Coach Michelle’s video here for some exercises to get you started with uncovering your own personal tone. And remember, if you want to take it one step further don’t hesitate to contact us to get started with your private lessons!

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