Learning Music Toolbox For Kids

Learning Music Toolbox For Kids

While of course nothing compares to private lessons with a fantastic teacher, you can’t always be in class! Sometimes, even with great direction it can still be hard to find momentum at home to practice. That’s where Our Kids Music Toolbox comes in! 

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Here you will find tons of interactive educational materials, including apps, videos and web games to help engage and inspire your young ones practice sessions! 

Check out the fun below!

Interactive Videos

PreSchool Prodegies

This video series tackles the basics of music in a fun and easy to follow way. From sight singing solfege to basic note reading, PreSchool Prodegies has it covered!

One of the many educational videos from PreSchool Prodigies

The Singing School

A fantastic video series that helps with sight singing and vocal warmups. The visual aid is clear and easy to follow, making it great for beginners still getting used to the solfege system.

A fantastic follow along vocal warmup from The Singing School

Clap Clap Rhythm Games

In this series rhythm is the sole focus. The visual aids help students clap on the right beats and begin to understand musical time. Plus, tons of different genres are covered, from rock to reggae!

Clap along and have fun exploring different genres with this video series!

Interactive Modules and Games

Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab is an interactive selection of musical modules. Each module covers something different, teaching the basics of rhythm, pattern and even sound design with fantastic and fun visuals. There is even a song maker module which allows students to create their own songs and arrangements!


Classics For Kids

This selection of games covers note reading, rhythm, and even the names and sounds of instruments in the orchestra!

Classics For Kids

Theta Music Trainer

Ear training games galore! From simple intervals and chords to EQ frequency training, this site is the one stop shop for ear workouts!

Amazon.com: Theta Music Trainer: Appstore for Android

Ipad and Smartphone Apps


An interactive note reading game with multiple levels. Kids can have fun learning while advancing in the game! $4.99 – 6.99

Note Rush App — Studio-Wide Challenge! – Color In My Piano

FlashNote Derby

Another note reading game, but this one involves horses! Great for animal loving kids, each correct answer moves their racing horse forwards. $4.99

Flashnote Derby- learn music notes!: Amazon.ca: Appstore for Android


The perfect app for students that don’t want game apps and want to learn more about note reading, chords and intervals in a straightforward manner. $3.99

The 5 Best Music Theory Apps | HelloMusicTheory

Closing Notes

We hope you have fun exploring our kids music toolbox and learning in a fun filled way! Remember, for more direct instruction we offer lessons in piano, voice and guitar. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about how we make learning music fun!

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