Music Lessons For Toddlers!

Our school recently began offering a specialized music program for toddlers! With its own dedicated classroom and teachers, this new initiative is sure to be a hit with our baby Mozarts! In this blog post we will go over some of the top reasons why starting your child in music lessons at a young age is a great decision. 

Accelerate Brain Development 

Numerous studies have shown that starting music education at a young age can increase one’s aptitude for learning later in life. This is especially true in the areas of language development, speech perception and reading skills. 

Music is a complex task that requires use of the entire brain! This full scale cognitive workout is proven to enhance the minds of young children. 

Improve Memory Recall 

Memory is a part of all aspects of life. Studying music at a young age improves and primes the ability to recall varied information at a rapid pace. When a student plays a song, they have to remember pitch, timing, words, and still be present enough in order to perform the required physical movements – that’s a lot to handle! 

Music also involves pattern recognition. By looking for consistencies the mind is able to make sense of difficult information. This skillset is necessary in many other fields.

Increase Coordination 

In order to play a musical instrument we must develop a high level of coordination. Using multiple fingers, different hands, and sometimes even different feet asks a lot of our minds! Students who experience music education at a young age develop their coordination and an accelerated pace. 

Build Confidence 

With all of this seriousness, let’s not forget that music is fun! The ability to create music from nothing is amazing. Students not only learn how they can bring anything to life with time and practice, but they also learn to be comfortable and proud showing their newfound skills to others. 

Maybe more than any personality trait, confidence opens a world of opportunity – build it and they will come! 

Instill Healthy Emotional Regulation 

Music is inherently emotional. Certain sounds bring joy, sadness or even anger out of us. Teaching children an activity that not only allows, but encourages healthy ways of releasing emotion is a fantastic tool for developing capable and happy adults. 

Closing Notes

If you have a young child between the ages of 3 and 5, and are interested in our Toddler music program, contact us today! We are here to answer any questions you may have about getting your child started in the wonderful world of music!

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