We have over 20 teachers between our two locations selected from the best of the best in Toronto. We focus mainly on piano, voice, guitar and drum lessons although some of our teachers teach ukelele, bass, mandolin, trumpet, and more!

We understand that everyone has unique learning needs. That’s why all of our teachers work hard to tailor their lessons to the age, skill, and learning style of every student that comes through our doors. We choose from a range of programs, and adapt to you and your goals.

Not sure what instrument to try? No problem! Many of our instructors teach multiple instruments, and while we prefer that you really invest a few months in learning one instrument, you’re welcome to try a few instruments before you really dive in to the one you’re drawn most to.

All of our private lessons are 30 minutes at the same day and time with the same teacher, reserved for you every week. Think you have what it takes to really dive in? Need to prepare for an examination? Some of our more serious students take 2 lessons each week, or do hour long lessons. We offer a discount for additional lessons for each family.

Have a question or ready go get started? Give us a call to speak with our own knowledgeable office staff? Give us a call at 647-748-2787.

Toronto Arts Academy Girl Piano student learning piano
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