Playing drums is one of the most exhilerating, and physically interactive instruments to learn. As such, many high erergy students find the drums a great instrument to learn as they can funnel their energy into the playing of it.

Playing drums requires the coordination of not just your hands, but both feet as well! Students range from enjoying to play warm percussion rhythms, to steady pop beat sounds, to hard rock! Whatever your interest as an aspiring drum students, we work to accommodate your unique interests and identify your learning style.

You don’t necessarily need a drum kit in order to learn drums, as you will learn the kit we have here in our academy during your weekly lessons. However, some students decide to purchase drum sticks and a drum pad, to start learning hand drum techniques. Others decide to get a set of basic digital drums to practice on. Some decide to invest in very sophisticated electronic drum kits, and some decide to invest in full on acoustic drum kits. Digital drum kits have the advantage of volume control and an ability to plugin a headset, where acoustic drums can be very loud and difficult to transport.

We have both female and male drum instructors at the academy, and finding the perfect student/teacher match, as well as time that works for you, is our top priority to make learning drums fun!