Guitar Lessons

The guitar is a fascinating instrument that can be played in so many exciting ways. Many aspiring guitar players may be interested in the sophistication of classical guitar, the shredding of electric guitar, or the upbeat rhythms of acoustic rock.

Many of the world’s most successful songwriters are guitar players, as guitar is an instrument that you can throw on your back in a case and take just about anywhere.

Learning guitar requires developing some strong and flexible fingers. Most guitar players are right handed, although some are left handed.

Many of our guitar students are 5 or older, and many are teenagers, as many older of kids have discovered how playing guitar can unite all kinds of random groups of people in song, positioning them as bridge builders and creative leaders.

At the Toronto Arts Academy, we have a wide array of guitars that students can choose from when coming for their lessons. When choosing to buy a guitar of your own, there is also no shortage of options. You best bet is to go to a music store, and spend some time playing many different instruments, to get a feel for how different guitar materials, and strings, and produce sounds.

Since most guitars have 6 strings and a bigger body, many younger students have found success starting to learn a much smaller 4 string ukelele. Although it may be more limited in the sounds it can produce, students often learn much quicker, improving the overall learning experience, and making the transition to a guitar much easier.

Many students prefer to start learning on nylon strings, as it’s easier on their developing fingers, but many choose to jump in with steel strings. Bear in mind that cheaper guitars may have strings that raise higher from the bridge, making them harder to press down and control, which can make the learning experience much more challenging, and less enjoyable, all things you want to consider before purchasing. There are also 1/4 size, 1/2 size, 3/4 size, and full size guitars. If you’re looking at smaller size guitar, make sure that you won’t outgrow the guitar too quickly.