Piano Lessons

Piano has formed the foundations of western music for hundreds of years. The world’s most influential composers have used the piano to write the world’s most well-known songs and melodies! There is nothing quite like the power and wonderment of a pianist who can play well.

Learning piano can start at any age, and many of our piano students are between 5-10 years old. This is a great age range to start learning as the hand muscles are beginning to form, and students are able to grasp the more complex patterns used in music. We have also taught many older students as well with a passion for learning!

Depending on the maturity and interest of the child, we have started children in piano lessons younger 5 if they can demonstrate an ability to pay attention and focus for a 30 minute private lesson. We may begin children under 5 on a trial basis.

At our schools, we have both acoustic and cutting-edge digital pianos which we use for our private lessons and group lessons. The benefit of digital pianos is that the volume can be controlled more easily, they never become out of tune, and there is a much wider array of sounds that can be used. Acoustic pianos are much louder to play, and can become of out of tune frequently, especially with the changing of Canadian seasons.

You don’t necessarily need a full acoustic piano to start learning the instrument. Many decide to start with more cost and space efficient digital keyboards to get the basic finger movements and musical understanding in place, and time to demonstrate a more long-term interest in the piano, before making an investment of time and money in the purchase of a real acoustic. However, it’s worth remembering that only real pianos can give you the authentic experience of piano playing for the most enjoyably and rich learning experience.

Our piano teachers are selected in Toronto for their educational background, their professional experience, and their wonderful personalities! All of our teachers are also police checked and reference checked, and we keep video cameras in all lesson rooms as part of our comprehensive family safety program.