Voice Lessons

Our World-Renowned Singer’s Edge Voice Program in the only one that has been trusted by Award Winning singers (Our Director has worked with The Weeknd, Hollerado, & Majid Jordan) and international schools including Paul McCartneys LIPA (Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts), Disney, and more.

Our program is designed for the efficient development of singing and playing contemporary music such as rock, pop, r&b, and folk/indie. Our curriculum is based on our own independently published book “The Singer’s Instinct” available in the studio for $20! The Singer’s Edge Program is our 4 Level program for building “effortless-sounding skills” from the ground up, providing rewards at each of the 4 levels that you complete.

Our book The Singer’s Instinct can be used as a guide through the program. The 4 levels of the program reflect the books main 4 sections. It guides students of all abilities to a strong & practical foundation for contemporary singing step-by-step, emphasizing key vocal skills, musical development, unique style and building repertoire.

We are the only school in Canada to use the Singer’s Edge program, which structures and guides growth for all popular singing styles (pop, rock, and r&b singing). If you have always wanted to be a better rock, pop, country, jazz, gospel or R&B singer, then we have the right voice teachers for you. Voice students in their weekly lessons spend time each week doing physical exercises to improve their vocal range, ear training, breath control, vibrato, tone production, enunciation and more. All voice students set goals with their teacher to work on sounding like their favourite recording artists, or if they prefer, to develop their own unique voice.

Our academy also features the Royal Conservatory classical voice program. The lesson program we adapt for your voice lessons will depend on the goals and interests of the student, and family.

We have many students who take voice lessons or singing lessons at our downtown and midtown schools. Students sing all kinds of music from their favorite artists to classical arias. Our voice teachers have university training in music specializing in voice and sing everything from pop and jazz to opera.

Our teachers all have performance backgrounds as well. Just a sample of what a student will learn in singing lessons includes how to breathe properly, how to increase their range, proper pitch, how to project and stage presence. Our schools offer optional performance opportunities throughout the year with our scheduled performances. Many of our students also perform at local festivals. Our private, one-on-one voice lesson lengths are 30 minutes or 1 hour.

$41.00 per 30 minute private lesson held once a week. There is a one time registration fee of $25.00. Lessons are first come, first served.  

To get started, just give us a call! 

Our voice lessons are based upon over two decades of study of the world’s best singing techniques so you can reap the benefits. Our custom designed exercises will do the work for you!

  • You get to experience the immediate results of our exercises making voice lessons easy and fun!
  • You will benefit from the use of these time-saving singing techniques gathered from years of work alongside the top international vocal coaches in the music industry.
  • In your voice lessons, your voice will be professionally assessed.  We will help you discover and balance the low and high parts of your voice together to reveal one powerfully strong, modern sounding singing voice with no breaks.
  • By applying the techniques from our voice lessons, you will discover vocal range you never knew you had, and you will learn how to sing correctly to support and build a distinctive, unique singing style.
  • Sing across your complete vocal range, often 3 to 4 + octaves in developed singers with great confidence and vocal power.
  • Our Voice Lessons adapt to your unique needs and desires!
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