Being able to sing freely provides an extraordinary experience of creativity, expression and confidence for students of all ages. At Toronto Arts Academy, we are thrilled to be able to use what is perhaps Canada’s leading contemporary voice program for singers of all levels.

There are many things that can make learning singing challenging. One common issue is that you can’t physically touch an instrument to control it, the way you would with any other instrument. Over time, and with a good voice teacher, a singer must learn how to control the tiny muscles of their vocal cords by feel. As a result, singing on pitch, essential to sounding good as singers, or finding a good degree of style, can be challenging, but you’re in good hands here at Toronto Arts Academy.

Learning singing can be difficult when there is no physical instrument to touch. Singer’s must learn by FEEL. To help with this, we use the Singer’s Edge Program at Toronto Arts Academy to help singers develop more quickly and efficiently by providing singers with tracking cards, a wide array of online practice scales, homework practice sheets, and achievement certificates as you complete each level!

Our director Brandon Brophy developed the Singer’s Edge program in 2015 by expanding on his book The Singer’s Instinct which was used at Disney and Paul McCartney’s school LIPA in the Uk, among many other colleges and universities that have used his book. He has worked with some of the best voices on the radio including the The Weeknd, Drake’s Majid Jordan, and more.

If you’re interested in learning singing, you don’t need much to get started. While it adds to the voice experience to have a microphone and a small amp to practice at home, this is far from necessary, and most singers make significant advances in their singing without it. And with our online practice scales, learning singing has never been easier!