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As a new student, please complete our new student registration form available here in advance of your first lesson. To complete the form, you will need to login using the first and last name and email according to what we have created for you in our system. 

We also invite you to explore our online New Student Guidebook with some great information and extra resources. 

Singing Lessons Toronto

Children's Group Classes

Make Up Classes are 60 minutes, scheduled quarterly with rotating teachers for each age group and instrument, semi-private with up to 6 students, by sign-up only.

Bonus Classes are 30 minutes, at same days and times, same teachers, for same age groups and instruments.  Drop-in: no registration is required.

All group classes are online only.

Adult Group Classes

Makeup & Bonus Classes are also available for adult students at this location.

In addition, we feature 20 hours of Weekly Voice Classes at our downtown location’s by visiting TorontoArtsAcademy.com/zoom and clicking on “Singer’s Edge Zoom”.  Classes cover performing, songwriting, music industry, and self-accompaniment.

Biannual Performances

We feature free, bi-Annual Student Performances for all levels! Students must be currently enrolled to perform.

To learn more, and sign up for our next performance, visit: TorontoArtsAcademy.com/performance

Musical Ladder Tests

Every 3 months, you and your teacher will have a musical test, with a chance to advance up the musical ladder. If you pass the test, you earn the musical rewards for each level including wristbands, and certificates. Every 6 months, you receive a personalized trophy with your name on it!

boy guitar student holding guitar motivational rewards

Basic Practice Guidelines

We made a view-only Student Folder in Google Drives for you. To receive change alerts in Chrome, click here.

We suggest finding a daily practice time at home in a quiet, distraction-free area. Even just a few minutes or more of daily practice, is often enough to see progress. Parents should supervise children during their practice time, especially during their first year of study.  

Lesson Book Ordering

We’ve made it easy to order the books you need for your lessons. Ask your teacher for your lesson books “red number”, and visit our Lesson Book Ordering Page to easily find exactly the one you need, and have it delivered through Amazon!

Billing Procedures

1st Of Month Billing:

  • We autobill on the 1st of every month for $172 for 4 weekly lesson each month until notified to withdraw.
  • Fees and/or lessons are nonrefundable, including booked lessons that the student does not attend.

Stopping Billing & Monthly Withdrawal Deadline:

  • Withdrawals must be received by the 15th of your last month to stop payment before the next month.

Save Your Lesson Time Options

  • Students who withdraw and attempt to re-enroll later find their old teacher is unavailable, lesson times are gone when they return, and they must be added to a waitlist.
  • We are a year-round academy, and summer is one of our busiest seasons.
  • Most of our students choose to keep their lesson time if they’re travelling by taking advantage of our many lesson options to keep their time with their teacher including:
    • zoom video,
    • zoom audio-only,
    • Schedule as many hour-long group make up or bonus classes as you need to make up for as many lessons you’ve missed.
    • gift or lease your lesson time to a friend or family member (we give them extra special treatment),
    • send us questions and request feedback and homework before your lesson time starts,
    • If unable to sing or play you can discuss goals, theory, music industry, songwriting or explore new repertoire.

Lesson Scheduling Procedures

Unlimited Group Make-Up Classes

  • Any missed 30 minute private lessons can be made up with our flexible 1-hour Group Make-up Classes. There are no private make up lessons provided for missed lessons on behalf of the student.
  • Make up classes are scheduled quarterly on rotation for different age groups and different instruments. You can schedule a class for your instrument, or try a different instrument!
  • Group make up classes are limited to 6 students per class and are by reservation only. If you are alone in the group class, your makeup lesson will be a private 30 minute class.
  • Group class make ups are unlimited! You can take as many as you need to make up for as many missed lessons as you’ve missed.
  • During the pandemic, group classes are only available online.

Group Bonus Classes

  • Free, weekly Bonus Classes 30 minutes are also available on a drop-in basis. No reservation is necessary. 
front desk staff with music student on red carpet

5th Week Days:

  • A few times a year, your regularly scheduled lesson day may land in a month that has 5 lesson days, or on a day when we are closed for a holiday. We will notify you if your lesson will be affected.
  • You can view our year calendar at: TorontoArtsAcademy.com/calendar.

Teacher Alternates:

  • Due to our teachers personal and professional commitments, we may need to alternate your teacher with another amazing teacher with equal experience and expertise.
  • Alternate teachers provide a valuable opportunity for new connections and perspectives.

Safety Procedures

Safety & Respect:

  • The academy maintains a safety-first plan which includes our 5-point family safety plan:
  • While we are proud to maintain 100% safe academy-wide zone with no incidents of injury, please navigate the academy with care. 
  • We demonstrate respect for human rights, dignity, and social justice. 

Arrival and Departure:

  • If you arrive late, please be aware we must end your lesson as scheduled, so can start on time with other students
  • For parents who have more than one child arriving at the academy, please ensure all children are supervised while at the Academy
  • Teachers and front desk staff are unavailable to supervise children before during and after lesson.
  • Please pick up your child promptly at the conclusion of their lesson time. 
music lesson students wearing masks before music lessons-2

In Person Lessons:

  • In person lesson availability may change during the pandemic depending on provincial requirements.
  • While our academy has stringent covid-procedures in place and has not had any reported transmissions, in-person lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic expose students to potentially significant health and safety risks, and students accept the risks involved. 
  • In-person lessons are limited and not all lesson times have in-person availability.
  • Our procedures for in-person lessons must be adhered to and strictly followed. If this is not possible, you may be required to attend lessons online only.
  • If you wish to attend any portion of your scheduled lessons in-person, you must complete the in-person lesson request process and in-person lesson agreement.

Communication & Privacy:

  • For the safety of all students and staff, we operate on a first name basis. Sensitive information such as last names, addresses, birthdays, and payments of students, parents, teachers and staff are kept confidential and maintained at the front desk only.
  • All studio communications and bookings must be made through the front desk staff, not our teachers. If you have have questions for your teacher outside of your lesson time, please direct your questions to the front desk and we will do our best to get you an answer for you.

Consent & Release:

  • We love to celebrate student successes! We may take photographs of students to share on the walls of our academy as well as our social media, brochures, websites, posters, advertisements and other promotional materials. No last names are ever used.
  • Consent may be withdrawn via written request. However, withdrawn consent students will not be permitted to participate in any of the academy’s free, featured events, including performances, group classes, and events where photography by other students is beyond academy control.

We Guarantee the Best Music Teacher for you.

With over 30 carefully selected music teachers between 2 locations, we guarantee to have the best teacher match for you! We aim to provide a great experience for you and your family, or get your money back.