Since we’re all stuck at home, why not spend a little extra time with your teacher! Without a doubt online lessons are different than physical ones, but there are many musical benefits to our current virtual environment. In my lessons and classes I’ve been focusing on the improvement of ear training and note reading skills. While these areas have always been part of my teaching, in regular classrooms they tend to get overshadowed by actual playing and technical practice. Our Zoom lessons provide fertile ground for investing and improving ear training and sight reading; with less distraction and visual aid we are able to hone in with solely our ears. 

Though the effects of this type of training may take a longer time to show their benefit, they are by far the most important part of musicianship. Learning to use your physical and inner ear eventually allows a musician to pick up songs by hitting the play button and listening, providing higher confidence and self-sufficiency as a performer. 

As little as 15 minutes of focused practice a day on these skills can reap huge rewards. Hope you’re up for the challenge! 

Online Lessons ⭐️ Managing Covid
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