One of the many things I like to wonder as a musician is our ability to tell stories, by having others relate to our emotions through lyrics, melodies, and rhythms. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath it all, something more powerful, beautiful and very complex is at work. Of course I am talking about creativity. Being creative is one of the many gifts that we have, and something we cannot take for granted. I first learned this through my studies, touring around the world, arranging, reading and composing. Like any gift we must treat creativity with care. We all have the potential of creating great masterpieces, being the best musicians, artists, dancers and really anything. Creativity shows no bounds and is not just restricted to the arts.The catch, is that it’s our responsibility as individuals to not let our creativity go to waste. Being creative gives us many ways to express certain things that perhaps we cannot express through real life scenarios. Artistic creativity, like music, tries to explain the unexplainable and throw us into a different world. That world we create is a reflection in the way we see reality, which is very powerful. We can draw inspiration from stories, people, nature, culture, and God as well. The stages in creativity vary depending on how much time we spend on it. 

Think of it this way, when a large stone is presented to a sculptor, it is up to the sculptor to create a beautiful sculpture, depending on their skill. There are many ways to make something beautiful, but the effort that it takes is dependent on our commitment and responsibility to it. When my wife and I had our daughter, I felt that it was essential to take my creativity to another level not only artistically, but now as a parent and as an educator. It is my commitment, now more so than ever, to help those who want to be creative but don’t know how, by unlocking the door to their creativity so that they may pass through it. It is a long journey that we all struggle with, but if you are willing to take the first step to walk up the mountain of creativity, the possibilities are endless. 

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