Rockschool: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you ready to rock?! Rock and popular music are just as complex and nuanced as classical or jazz, but in different ways. Unfortunately, almost all teaching materials are geared towards more traditional methods that don’t adequately prepare students for the rock and pop they want to play. That is, until Rockschool!

Rockschool is a fully developed musical education system that focuses on contemporary musical styles, complete with grading and exams. It is the RCM of modern music! 

Read on to learn more and to see if it could be the right choice for you or your child’s musical endeavours! 

What Is Rockschool All About? 

Rockschool is a systematic way of teaching contemporary musical styles! Think of it like the RCM for popular music. The skill level ranges from beginner all the way to expert. 

What Instruments Are Taught In The Rockschool Method? 

Instruments taught include electric guitar, bass, drums, acoustic guitar, vocals, piano, keyboard, ukulele, music production and music theory. 

What Does The Curriculum Look Like? 

Rockschool has 8 grades as well as 2 preparatory levels, “Premiere” and “Debut”. As studets progress through each grade, they learn all the necessary technique and theory to play at a high level.

Where this system really stands out is in the repertoire section, as the pieces are chosen from the best and most popular songs in popular music history! Students are also able to choose their own repertoire provided it meets the necessary level of difficulty for their grade.

Beyond this, in levels 3, 5 and 8 students can do “Band Exams” which allow them to perform with other students of different instruments, providing an amazing collaborative experience! 

What Are The Materials Like? 

Like other methods, Rockschool books are available in hard copy. 

However, unlike most other methods, they are also available online! This creates fantastic opportunities for interactive learning and playing along with backing tracks. 

What Are The Exams Like? 

Rockschool exams are held using traditional conservatory setup. Repertoire is performed in front of a jury of 2 or more music professionals who listen and grade the student.

Rockschool also accommodates for different circumstances. Students can either do a live streaming exam or a filmed exam that is submitted. 

Does Toronto Arts Academy Use The Rockschool Method? 

Yes! Many of our teachers are qualified to teach the Rockschool method. If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at 647 748 2787!

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