I started taking voice lessons at Toronto Arts Academy as an adult student with essentially zero training. While it was something I’ve been wanting to do for myself for a while, I was nervous and worried about feeling self-conscious. From my very first class with Amy, she managed to get me out of my shell and make feel comfortable and confident. I have so much fun in our classes, and feel like I’ve made real, measurable progress in just a few months. Amy has a responsive and adaptable teaching style. She’s extremely good at figuring out new ways to communicate ideas, and figuring out the right approach to make a concept “click” for her students. Her enthusiasm and encouragement are motivating and make it impossible to feel daunted or intimidated by new challenges. Besides working to improve technique, Amy encourages her students to experience singing as an opportunity for creative self-expression and unselfconscious fun. I can’t recommend Amy and the rest of the TAA staff highly enough.

Amelia M