We Love Toronto Arts Academy!!! 🙂
Our daughter is taking voice lesson through Toronto Arts Academy school. She really loves her lesson. Her teacher has been so patient and inspiring. Actually all the teachers are incredibly talented, exceptionally positive in sharing their love of music to their students. They asked what the kids wanted to learn to play and this made students feel empowered and excited about their music. The office staff is friendly and understanding. The waiting area is warm, comfortable and entertaining, filled with magazines for adult to read on and some toys for children to play on just pass the time while waiting.
Our family have attended two successful recitals. Personally I was amazed to witness each student, regardless of their level of knowledge, perform their piece with excitement and enthusiasm. It was evident that the teachers of Toronto Arts Academy school encouraged each student to bring part of his or her own character into the music.
Communications with Toronto Arts Academy school is always excellent — all contacts are very clear and prompt.
The experience has been a pleasure for our family!!! We would highly recommend Toronto Arts Academy School to anyone! 🙂

Raymund Lapena