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  • Very friendly and welcoming environment. Although the teachers are widely talented and experienced, they are humble. They work with what a student wants and not what they believe a student should want or be.

  • I like the one on one sessions with my vocal coach that focus on correcting learned behaviours and improving my confidence. The classes continue to help me to become a more well rounded and capable performer. 
The songwriting group lesson on Sundays and opportunity to perform Tuesday evenings are also a great perk!

  • The instructor is obviously an expert and we'll experienced in his field. The class was well organized and structured so that the time was used efficiently and productively but still a lot of fun.

  • Lots of teachers to chose from, easy to get to location and you get a lot back from just 1 lesson!

  • Very friendly, Very positive, very knowledgeable, warm welcoming, very kind hearted individuals.

  • Professionalism and support of natural strengths.

  • Everyone was a lovely mix of kindness and professionalism. My daughter was very nervous about her first lesson but you made her feel very at ease from the minute we walked in the door.

  • Very accommodating to schedule changes, very open and friendly staff. My daughter loved the lessons and looked forward to each week with Joanne.

  • It feels like a partnership rather than a teacher/student relationship. Rights and wrongs don't seem to be a factor - which takes away the pressure to be perfect and instead makes it a more experimental and collaborative experience.

  • I was thoroughly impressed with the incredibly friendly, informative and "on-the-ball" staff and the caliber of instruction was truly top-notch. While the lesson was extremely thorough and technical (which I very much appreciated!), every piece of information was presented in a way that was very easy to understand. Can't wait for my next lesson!

  • Friendly and weloming staff. Very inspiring and fun lessons i feel as if I learn an hour worth of great vocal lessons within a half hour. 
This is the place to be if you have a passion for singing and want to learn!!! 5 stars!!!

  • The teachers and people there are very kind and open hearted . Due to my experience in other music schools , by far this on is the best . I love to attend my lesson and to come to the group classes. I learn a lot and I am always looking forward to my future lessons

  • I love the teachers and the other students. Joanna is awesome and has helped improve my voice by leaps and bounds. Nevon is so fantastic and I love being in the choir.

  • I have been taking classes for around a month now and the difference in my voice is unbelievable! I have way more voice and pitch control. The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming, an overall very comforting environment!

  • I find that the academy program is extremely useful for the beginner. Especially the first module which deals with basic notes and pitches and range. After the first module, for me, it was beneficial to stray from the program to focus on my special vocal needs because once the first module is mastered a coach can then adaquately observe the students weaknesses and then work from there. Also, I think that somewhere in the academy there should a module dealing very directly with seamlessly blending the bridge register and notes so that the head voice and chest voice transitioning can be invisible.of course I am in no position to dictate what should/shouldn't be done, but I find the aforementioned most useful for me in my journey of vocal growth. I also find the practice scales and vowel sounds to be the second most useful tool, after the in person lessons.

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