The Best 5 Books About Singing 

While there is nothing better than one on one singing lessons with an experienced teacher, books can be a fantastic aid in your vocal journey! With thousands to choose from it can be challenging to know where to begin. In this article we go over the best 5 books about singing! 

Singing For The Stars

Best for Intermediate Singers 

Written by famed vocal coach Seth Riggs, Singing for The Stars brought the concept of speech level singing to the masses! Speech level singing is essentially the vocal technique of staying relaxed in the voice no matter how high or low a note is. Whether a climactic high C or a bold low F, SLS teaches singers to keep their voice in a neutral place, just like it would be if you were speaking. 

Singing for The Stars focuses on smoothing out the transition areas of the voice. Famous exercises such as the lip trill come from this method! 

Seth Rigg’s famously taught his method to superstars like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Barbara Streisand. If it worked for them, why not give it a shot yourself?!

Singing For The Stars is slightly dated at this point, but it provides the foundation for all contemporary vocal technique. 

The Naked Voice

Best for Advanced Singers 

Written by Julliard professor W. Stephan Smith, The Naked Voice focuses on the mental aspects of singing. This is not a book for beginners, but will greatly benefit more experienced vocalists. 

In this book W. Stephan Smith helps singers find their unique and authentic voice. He uses specific exercises to free the voice and uncover the individual nature of the singer. Though there are practical physical exercises, the greatest benefit this book offers is a rethinking of vocal technique and what it means to be a singer. 

Unlike all other instruments, the voice is a part of our body. Thus, our mind and health effect the way we sing. An overlooked aspect of singing, taking time with this book will open your mind. 

The Singing Athlete

Best for Live Singing 

Written by broadway singing coach Andrew Byrne, The Singing Athlete using neuroscience and athletic research to create a vocal training system. 

With a focus on the way the brain works while learning The Singing Athlete dives into vocal technique in a modern way. In sports, technology and research have aided in perfecting things like batting form, golf swings and free throws, why shouldn’t it be the same in the world of singing? 

A refreshingly modern undertaking, The Singing Athlete also provides lifetime access to a video website of Andrew Byrne demonstrating each drill so singers can ensure they are training in the correct ways. 

Though the focus of this system is musical theatre, the techniques are applicable to every style of modern music. 

Singing Success

Best For Beginners 

Created by celebrity vocal coach Brett Manning, Singing Success is not a book, but a complete system for contemporary vocal training. Using a subscription model, Singing Success 360 is a collection of tutorials and exercises that guide singers in increasing power and range, as well as reducing the dreaded “vocal break”. 

Singing Success has been around a long time and is based off of Seth Rigg’s vocal methods. 

This method is fantastic for students new to the world of singing, as it provides an overview of all things vocal technique. 

 Great Singers on the Art of Singing

Best for Experienced Artists

In this book of interviews with famous classical singers and teachers, readers learn all about the ideas and approaches one can take with singing. It is both comforting and inspiring to hear about the challenges and struggles of highly trained and successful singers. 

It also shines light on the truth that there is no one “right way” to approach singing! That’s why this book is part of our list. Great singers take information from multiple sources and combine them to fit their own unique voice, style and goals. 

Closing Notes

Books about singing can be a fantastic resource for supplemental learning. However, there is nothing like working with a trained vocal coach one-on-one! To get started with one of Toronto’s best singing teachers contact us today!

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