Genre is the musical term for style! There are hundreds of musical genres, and the list continues to grow every day! Distinguishing one genre from another can be challenging for beginners. In our upcoming blog posts, we’ll explore the defining characteristics of the most popular genres. Today, let’s delve into what defines the sound of jazz!


Jazz bands come in various shapes and forms, but the style predominantly features acoustic instruments: upright bass, trumpet, saxophone, piano – the list goes on!

However, modern artists often incorporate synthesizers, electric guitars, and electric bass.


Jazz is a live art form! Players compose their solos on the spot, reacting to other musicians and the environment around them. Unlike other major genres, where musicians typically learn and perform pre-set parts, jazz is created on the spot!

Clean Tones

Jazz music focuses on pure and round tones! Musicians strive to achieve a clear and unencumbered sound. Since the style primarily uses acoustic instruments, there are few effects to enhance the musician’s sound – it’s all about the artist’s playing technique!

Make It Swing

In jazz, eighth notes are almost always swung. This is a defining characteristic of the genre! Swing involves playing the first eighth note slightly longer than the second. Developing a solid swing feel is crucial for jazz musicians.

Play The Standards

Jazz music is an art form centered on improvisation. Unlike most other styles of Western music, the emphasis is not on composition but on performance. While famous jazz artists have written tunes, the majority of the repertoire comes from The Great American Songbook, known as “standards.”

Standards are songs performed by musicians worldwide. A player’s creativity shines through how they express their musical identity within the framework of these timeless works!

Closing Notes

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