Genre is the musical term for style! There are hundreds of musical genres, and the list continues to grow every day! Differentiating one genre from another can be challenging for beginners. In our upcoming blog posts, we will explore the defining characteristics of North America’s most popular sounds. Today, let’s delve into what defines the genre of rock!


Rock music is characterized by its prominent use of electric guitars. Rock bands typically include a bass guitar, drums, and vocals.


Distorted Tones

In most styles of rock music, distortion is used extensively. Distortion occurs when an instrument is played or recorded at a volume higher than the equipment can handle, resulting in a pleasing breaking apart of the tone. In rock music, it’s common for everything, including vocals, to be distorted in some way.

genre of rock

Note: Distortion can also refer to a raspy tone in a vocalist. Achieving this safely requires guidance from a vocal coach.

Anthemic Songwriting

Most types of rock music emphasize big choruses designed for crowd sing-alongs. This often leads to simple lyrics with catchy, memorable melodies. Here’s one you might know!

Instrumentally, rock music prominently features riffs – short, repeatable musical phrases often played by electric guitars. Many iconic rock songs are riff-based. Here’s one we are sure you’ve heard before!

Fast Tempos

While there are rock ballads, most artists perform their songs at an energetic tempo. When we think of rock music, we envision jumping around and rocking out!


Bands are loud! Drummers play heavy and hit the cymbals hard, while guitarists love their massive amps! Much of the excitement in the genre of rock music comes from playing loudly, so don’t hesitate to turn up the volume!

genre of rock

Closing Notes

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