Genre is the musical term for style! There are hundreds of musical genres, and the list continues to grow every day! Distinguishing one genre from another can be challenging for beginners. In our upcoming blog posts, we’ll explore the defining characteristics of the most popular genres. Today, let’s delve into what defines the sound of soul music!


Soul bands revolve around an electric bass, electric guitar, drums, and vocals! This core is often augmented by a horn section, keyboards, and percussion!

Rhythm Is King

In soul music, rhythm is king! All of the musicians work together to create a steady groove that nearly forces people to move along with the music! Traditionally, harmonic instruments like guitar and keyboards are played sparsely and with more rests than would normally be employed in other styles.


Soul music, especially the vocals, is all about emotion! Soul singers plead, beg, and exclaim; they tell you how they feel without hiding anything! Listen to the legends to get a feel for this open and vulnerable style.


The bass is what holds a soul band together! Famous session bassists, such as James Jamerson of Motown fame, created basslines that moved and grooved underneath the other instruments. Next time you hear a soul track, pay attention to that bottom end!

Live Performance

Soul is all about performance. Even in the studio, soul bands usually perform live and with minimal overdubs. This is what gives the music its human element. It lives and breathes and will not conform to the smoothed-out edges of modern music!

Closing Notes

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