The Musical Ladder System

Here at Toronto Arts Academy we use the amazing Musical Ladder System to help inspire and excite our students! We find it helps keep students engaged and provides them with an opportunity to put their newly learned skills to work! 

What Exactly Is The Musical Ladder System? 

The Musical Ladder System is an educational tool that requires students to have a test with their teacher every 3 months. If the student passes they receive a coloured wristband with the level name they just completed! They also receive a certificate with their name on it and at certain levels trophies can be earned! 

Thanks to these fun perks our students remain excited about practicing and progressing with their instrument. 

What Are The Tests Based On? 

Tests are individualized to each student! The teacher will inform the student what they will be required to know for their test.

This is a fantastic student centered method as it allows students to progress at their own rate while also being challenged. 

Are Students Required To Use The System? 

While we don’t require students to use the system we highly recommend it! The system is proven to increase engagement and practice time. Beyond this, the positive reinforcement of bracelets and trophies keeps students motivated. 

Do All Schools Have The Musical Ladder System? 

No, they do not! We are proud at Toronto Arts Academy to be the only Toronto school to offer its benefits!

Closing Notes

To learn more about this fantastic system and what our school has to offer contact us today!

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