What is the best age to begin music lessons?

As a parent, it can be difficult to know what the ideal age is to start your child with music lessons. There are many variables to consider; their attention span, motor skill development, hand size, and a myriad of others. 

One thing to keep in mind is that research shows that the mental capacities for understanding music are at their most receptive before the age of 9. 

For students younger than the age of 7 the instrument they study is not of great importance. With their small bodies and undeveloped dexterity, fine control of any instrument will prove to be difficult. Instead, it is the involvement with music and its basic concepts that is of the most value. Instruments are like tools for musicians, allowing the expression of certain ideas and notes, but the intellectual activity and rules behind all of them are the same. 

boy playing drums in drum lessons

For this reason, parents shouldn’t worry so much about which instrument or style of singing their child chooses to learn, as they can always switch later on down the road with a deep knowledge base to build upon. 

The attention span of younger students is something that can prove to be an obstacle, but this varies on a child by child basis, there is no hard rule. The teachers here at Toronto Art’s Academy often implement different activities in each lesson, combining piano with clapping and theory exercises for instance, helping to keep students engaged for the full time they are in class.  

At Toronto Art’s Academy we start accepting students after the age of 3 and a half. Our teachers have the knowledge and skillset to guide students of any age beyond this on a path for musical success. 

Now, what about the other side to this question? Are you ever too old to learn to sing or play an instrument? 

The answer is no! 

Depending on what your goals are, it may be more challenging as an adult who is completely new to music, but that challenge is a positive thing. Research shows that learning music as an adult works the brain out in specific ways, helping to reduce the likelihood of memory loss and other degenerative cognitive diseases. 

Here at Toronto Art’s Academy we offer lessons for all ages, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get started on your musical journey! 

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