What Should You Look For in a Music School?

Living in a big city like Toronto, there are many options when it comes to music schools. So, how do you know which one will be the right fit? Here’s a short list to help you make the best choice! 

1. Family Safe Facilities:

Safety should be the number one priority. Whether the lessons are for adults or for children, one should feel comfortable at all times. At Toronto Art’s Academy our lesson rooms are always visible, both through their glass doors and the lobby monitors, which display live video streaming from each room. Each member of our staff has also undergone a police check, in order to ensure a safe environment. 

On top of this, the main level of our school is ground level, with no stairs or obstructions, allowing us to be accessible to every student. 

2. Supportive, Knowledgeable Teachers:

Having a teacher who is passionate, knowledgeable, and supportive can be the deciding factor in whether a student sticks with music or doesn’t. All of our teachers have been chosen for their fantastic combination of academic and real world experience, as well as their warm and patient personalities.

 In fact, many students have formed such strong bonds with their teachers that they’ve been together since our opening day! 

3. Individualized Curriculum:

Music is a personal experience, and the goals of our students vary widely. Some simply want to improve their voice to impress friends at karaoke, while others dream of being a professional classical pianist. For this reason, we believe in an individualized curriculum designed with the teacher and each student, allowing them to define their goals and create a path for achieving them. 

 In this way, each student gets to learn what they really want to be learning, which in turn keeps them inspired and improving each day! 

4. Performance Opportunities:

Performing is one of the best ways for students to improve their musical abilities. It provides a goal to work towards, and helps with developing confidence and mastering the art of playing in front of others. 

At Toronto Art’s Academy we organize a recital twice a year, allowing students to perform in a beautiful theatre, complete with a great sound system and professional lighting. After their big moment, they can then have their picture taken with their family and teacher on our red carpet! 

5. Motivational Perks That Go Above and Beyond:

Something that sets Toronto Art’s Academy apart from other music schools is that fact that we continually go above and beyond, wanting to provide our students with the best learning experience possible. 

Thus, we reward our students every 3 months with wristbands and trophies from our trophy and wristband award system, providing of course that they pass their test! We also hold free photo days at the school, so each student can have their picture taken with their instrument by a professional photographer. 

We find both of these tools to be great motivators and markers of continued musical success! 

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