Make-up & Bonus Classes

Toronto Arts Academy Bonus Classes

Our free Bonus Classes are all drop-in, large group, 30 minutes each with the same teacher, with no reservation necessary.

Our Make-Up classes are all 60 minutes each, semi-private (max 6 students), with rotating teachers/days/times, and are scheduled by reservation in advance. Make up classes are lower down in the purple and blue rows.

Both group classes are held online on Zoom during Covid. 

Give us a call or email the front desk anytime so we can help get you started with either any of our classes below!


Love that this school offers group classes!

“Absolutely love the fact that this school offers group classes in addition to private ones. I’ve learned so much and keep learning more each week!”


Toronto Arts Academy Make-Up Classes

Note: New Class Times Below Are Effective Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

Did you miss a lesson and need to schedule a make-up? Use our online schedule below to find a class and contact us to book!

Did you know our lesson makeup classes are unlimited and never expire? Ask us for more info!

Make-up Classes (semi-private) are held via our Toronto Arts Academy zoom account. If viewing on your mobile phone, rotate to view in landscape. For easier viewing on other platforms, use the direct link Here.

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