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Our Drum Lessons Are For Every Age & Interest

Learn exciting drum techniques including left and right hand and foot rhythms, as you learn the songs you love from pop to rock!

Drum Lessons For Kids

We use a range of drum lesson programs designed to maintain a children’s interest and focus with the fun part of drumming, time and groove, using easy versions of the groove to play to.

Drum Lessons For Teens

Teens will explore the fundamentals elements of drumming via technique, timing, and reading. We use more complex songs as you advance, exploring tempo, style, and fills. 

Drum Lessons For Adults

Adults are presented with fundamentals, creative explorations, and more complex themes via time, groove and feel as the primary makeup of rhythm. 

Beginner Drum Lessons

We all start as beginners. You will feel very comfortable and welcome at our academy. We will help you grow on the drum kit at your own pace with the best drum teachers in Toronto.

Percussion Drum Lessons

Many of our drum teachers come from diverse world-music backgrounds, with  broad experience exploring drumming to enhance your playing and appreciation of music!

Pop/Rock Drum Lessons

Our teachers are industry professionals! Learning Rock/Pop songs puts technique into practice. Students explore timing to reading, and groove/feel to four-way independence.


My son loves his drum lessons

Very friendly but professional. Teachers are all great. My daughter loves her piano lessons and looks forward to going to Toronto Arts Academy.


What makes Us Different?

At Toronto Arts Academy, everyone from the front desk to your chosen teacher cares about you and your music journey to ensure you reach your goals. 


Benefits Of Drum Lessons

Drumming is a physically interactive instrument that channels energy into creativity!

Starting Drum Lessons

You only need a pair of 7A standard drumsticks for all ages and a drum pad for practicing.

Your First Drum Lesson

In your first lesson, we build a relationship between teacher while exploring your interests and goals while exploring simple exercises.

Various Teaching Styles

We create experiences using methods that people of all ages can enjoy from old traditions, to modern methods, and creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our drum lessons below:

How much are drum lessons?

Our drum lessons are $43 per lesson which includes unlimited makeups, musical testing and awards, and 2 yearly performances!

What kind of drums do you have at the academy?

We have a two full size digital kits with mesh heads and amplifiers. One main kit for student use has a full set of toms for extra fun! 

How long are your drum lessons?

You have a choice of 30 or 60 minute lessons. At our school nearly all of our students enrol on 30 min weekly lessons which provide just the right amount of time to learn a few new skills, and assign homework, without overwhelming you. 

Do I need a drum kit to start lessons?

You do not need a drum kit to start lessons. Many of our students start out with just a pair of drum sticks and drum pad, and advance to buying drum kits later as needs demand.

How old do you have to be to start drum lessons?

We usually suggest drum students start drum lessons at the age of 6, although we have had some passionate players start as young as 2.5 years old. All you need is the attention span and interest to stay focussed for their 30 minute lesson!

How do I start?

All you have to do is contact us or give us a call to get started!

What are some of the benefit of drum lessons?

Drumming is one of the many versatile forms of expression in music, and with that comes varies different styles. At first we explore the more classical side, it is very technique oriented, which includes a lot of reading rhythm and snare exercises. For the more advance students we start performing snare solos through transcription (reading).

One of the greatest lessons one can take away from drumming is understanding the concept of time within the musical framework. It teaches us discipline, to listen and more importantly it teaches responsibility. Drums are a very beautiful yet powerful instrument. Like a lion, who commands the African savanna with its fierce claws, but when retracted becomes the most calm and majestic creature. It takes a lot of will power to stay calm when playing the drums because of its massive sound. As a great philosopher once said, “with great power comes great responsibility” -Ben Parker.

Online drum lessons are a great way to channel your high energy and creativity! Playing the drums is one of the most exhilarating, and physically interactive instruments to learn. As such, many high energy students find the drums a great instrument to learn as they can funnel their energy into the playing of it. Some students find although there is more coordination required by both your hands and your feet, overall, you don’t need to learn pitch notation to get started, like other instruments.

What Do You Need To Start Drum Lessons?

To start off, the student would need the will power to tackle such an instrument, as well as commitment and patience. In terms of a physical tool, you would only need a pair of 7A standard drumsticks (doesn’t matter what brand). These are great starter sticks for all ages. As the student advances, I might recommend a drum pad for on-the-go practicing, or if you don’t have a set of drums. Drum pads are great for practicing reading, technique and other exercises.

You don’t necessarily need a drum kit in order to take drum lessons, as you will learn on the kit we have here in our academy during your weekly lessons. However, some students decide to purchase drumsticks and a drum pad, to start learning hand drum techniques. Others decide to get a set of basic digital drums to practice on. Some decide to invest in very sophisticated electronic drum kits, and some decide to invest in full on acoustic drum kits. Digital drum kits have the advantage of volume control and an ability to plug in a headset, where acoustic drums can be very loud and difficult to transport.

We also have extra drum pads and stands available for our drum make-up classes for every age group! This is a great opportunity to bring your drumsticks, have some fun, and meet some other drummers in the same age group as yourself! You might even make a new friend!

What Makes Our Drum Lesson Unique?

One of the greatest things you get to learn at this school is what I specialize in most: World Rhythms/Percussion. There will be times in classes, or even make up classes that we offer, where I will discuss rhythms and styles from other cultures. We will explore Caribbean/Latin American rhythms from Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile and other parts within Latin America. As well as explore certain African grooves and European as well (like Flamenco). Not only would you learn these rhythms within the musical framework but learn them in a historical context as well. We explore how, for example, the traditional Cuban “son” makes its way to the more modern “Timba” sound, which is today’s version of Cuban salsa. 

Your First Drum Lesson

In our first lesson of drums, we put some emphasis in building a relationship between teacher and student. I set up the first class to get to know what the student likes and what their musical relationship is like as well. Based on that we set up the goals for the students drumming. We work on very simple exercises, and choose a simple groove to start off with and go from there.

How qualified are your Toronto drum teachers?

Many of our teachers offer a great experience in drumming using various methods that people of all ages can enjoy. What I offer is a practical way of playing without ignoring the importance of theory, but more importantly, the different ways to adapting to certain grooves regardless of the style. The key to a great drummer is the ability to adapt when needed. In order to adapt we must first be able to understand what we would be adapting too. Using knowledge from old traditions, to modern drumming methods, and  creativity, I commit to having my students understand to the best of their ability, how to live in the world of rhythm and express it through drumming.

If you’re considering starting Toronto drum lessons, it’s helpful to know the kind of drum teacher you learn best from, and to find the best drum teacher and a supportive learning environment that is in your local Toronto area. Most students benefit from a teacher who is fun to be with, has a warm personality, has a wealth of experience, and who supports and inspires you in your guitar lessons to get better. More importantly, it’s often helpful to learn from a teacher flexible in their playing style and experience so they can accommodate a wide variety of learning styles and goals for each individual student.

We have both female and male drum instructors at the academy, and finding the perfect student/teacher match for your drum lessons, as well as the time that works for you, is our top priority to make learning drums fun!

Get ready to fall in love with our Toronto guitar lessons from our amazingly supportive, and talented teachers!

Where are you located?

We are located at 538 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto. 

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Enrolling him in drum lessons is one of the best decisions we made.

“In 3 months my kid can play drums and loves it. He just turned 6 years old and is full of confidence and always eager to learn more and more. Enrolled him in drum lessons is one of the best decisions we made so far.”

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