Why Learn To Play Piano

Piano lessons are a great way to develop your creativity, expressiveness, and problem-solving skills. The piano is such an impressive instrument to be able to play, it has caught the imaginations of the world’s most famous composers for hundreds of years. The world’s most influential musicians have used the piano to write some of the world’s most well-known songs and melodies! And we all know there is nothing quite like the power and wonderment of a pianist who can play well.

What are the benefits of learning piano?

Research has shown that playing piano can trigger growth hormones in the brain, slowing the effects of aging, while also sharpening your fine motor skills and head-eye coordination. It also improves your body by teaching you good posture. Also, the psychological skills developed including patience, diligence, creativity, and expression, are useful in almost every area of adult life. Playing piano also calms the mind and brings it to focus, which is a much needed skill in todays short-attention span technological world.

What Makes The Piano Unique

The piano is a very tactile and percussive instrument, with weighted keys to press down with different intensities, across a wide keyboard stretching up to 4 feet long that includes very low to very high notes. It is a can be gentler on the fingers and hands in most cases than learning guitar. The piano can be played with finger movements that can be simple, to wildly complex! More importantly, a piano is known for filling any room with warmth and richness that are enjoyable for a whole family to hear. Unlike other instruments, the piano is also a very visual instrument – you can easily see the notes you have to play, and playing the right note isn’t too difficult – as long as you note what note you intend to play!

How Old Should You Be To Start Learning Piano?

There is no right age for everyone when it is best to start learning piano, and one can start at any age. We’ve had children as young as 3 demonstrate remarkable interest and focus for learning piano. We’ve even had a virtuoso 2.5 year old! However most others may find their sweet spot for learning between the ages of 6 and 8, while many of our students are between 5 and 10. This is a great age range to start learning as the hand muscles are beginning to form, and students are able to grasp the more complex patterns used in music. The most determining factor for any child when beginning lessons is whether or not they have the attention span to focus for 30 minutes without being too distracted, or losing the ability to stay engaged in their learning. If you’re not sure if your child is the right age, we always suggest enrolling your child on a trial basis, to see if they have the focus to get a head-start learning piano!

Can You Be Too Old To Start Learning Piano?

On the flip side, some adults often wonder if they are too old to start, or even continue their learning and love of piano. The answer, of course, if you are never too old to improve your ability to play music. We’ve had students as old as 80 learn how to improve their playing on the piano. Playing piano often helps to keep them young at heart, and give expression to their inner music and creativity.

What Are The Benefits To Learning Piano At Toronto Arts Academy?

Our top-notch facilities, amazing teaching staff, as well as organized and supportive office staff, are some of the reasons why we’ve been voted Toronto’s Best Music School! Check out some of our other popular school features!

At our schools, we have both acoustic and cutting-edge digital pianos which we use for our private lessons and group lessons. The benefit of digital pianos is that the volume can be controlled more easily, they never become out of tune, and there is a much wider array of sounds that can be used. Piano lessons on acoustic pianos are much louder to play and can become out of tune frequently, especially with the changing of Canadian seasons.

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