In 2013, when we opened our first downtown music school location, we knew we were doing something special. However, we never expected to have such great responses so quickly. In 2014, we were delighted to have been nominated by Top Choice Awards for Best Music School Toronto. After a frenzy of city-wide voting through the awards group, we were thrilled to learn that we had won Toronto’s best music school for 2014!

The following year, I received a letter in the mail notifying us that we had been nominated for Consumers Choice Awards for 2015 as well. Again, we were thrilled to learn that not only had we been nominated by a separate company, but that they had also selected us for their prestigious award of Best Music School Toronto – central.

The excitement peaked even for us even higher in 2016! It was then we discovered Three Best Rated had awarded us top-rated music school in Toronto as well!

And so as our musical reach grows throughout Toronto, the story continues similarly! As of 2019, we have won Consumer’s Choice Awards and Three Best Rated, year after year since 2016! To add another great start to 2019, we discovered that Top Choice Awards has granted us with their award again. This marks our first year as the best music school Toronto from all three award companies! We were already blown away just to be nominated, let alone win all these awards from esteemed award companies who hold local businesses at a high standard!


So how did this happen? What does it take to win Toronto’s best music school?

Three Best Rated determines their winners through a 50-point inspection system that includes everything from: “checking reviews, ratings, reputation, history, complaints, satisfaction, trust and cost to the general excellence. You deserve only the best!” I love their modus operandi as they do their work at no cost for consumers and businesses. Their passion for local business motivates them to connect consumers with the best services in their area and with the belief that listing these businesses for free will provide truly authentic information and results. Businesses are only displayed once they have been heavily vetted and verified through hard work and consistency.

Top Choice Awards similarly polls customers from across the country, but again, “The studies are not funded by any of the businesses or professionals listed in the survey. All studies are funded and owned by Top Choice Awards and solely based on customer opinions, which in turn, allows Top Choice Awards to become the voice of the people surveyed. After the results are published, nominees and winners may choose either or not to purchase the study. Full ownership to data collected during survey is critical to Top Choice Awards independence and unbiased position.” Frequently Asked Questions (2019). Retrieved from httpss://


Consumers Choice Awards also has a strict, comprehensive system for selecting businesses to be awarded and recognized as the best from each sector. Their process similarly involves accumulating reviews, ratings, history, and more –   taking their data from world-leading market research companies including Advanced Symbolics, Dunn and Bradstreet, Ipsos and Research Now/Survey Sampling International (SSI). Candidates are researched to ensure their business ranks high in customer satisfaction and rich in positive customer reviews. Results are exhaustively combed against customer surveys before the best of the best companies rise to the surface as winners in their category. Talk about a lot of work!


1. Reviews

Most companies who have won these awards have hundreds of genuine, written reviews from the clients and customers. In our case, our students have left us hundreds of glowing reviews for both locations! The content of reviews is also important. Our students and parents for example, often mention our front desk team as welcoming and attentive members. Our students rave about our teachers’ patience, support, and how truly talented they are. The combination of friendly, supportive teachers and readily available full-time front desk staff are a far step up from so many other competing music schools. If you’re looking to brighten up your day, just take a dip anywhere into these heart-warming reviews, and you’ll instantly feel the glow of positivity that we work so hard to achieve at our schools.


2. Ratings

Hard working, caring companies should also have a lot of ratings, and great ones at that. You can check out over 1000 amazing top ratings we’ve received through Facebook, Listen360, and Google!

3. Reputation

If the high quality of the business is consistently high, the business should have earned itself a very good reputation for its quality services. Our school has been featured across Toronto in places such as Village Living Magazine, The Eglinton Way, and Davisville Village. We have had local moms write about the experience of their kids in our schools that you can check out here.

4. History

We opened our award-winning schools in 2013 and for the last 6 years have been providing an exciting, inspirational and motivational community for our students who learn from the best teachers in Toronto. We have a strong track record of delivering the best musical experiences year after year. Looking to explore our rich history? Check out how our school came to be on our website, photo albums on Facebook and our lively day to day on Instagram. All of these platforms are great windows into our community and our daily commitment in providing award-winning musical experiences!

5. Complaints

As much as a business can aspire to greatness and perfection, mistakes are inevitable. But how does a business deal with its mistakes and its complaints? Great businesses acknowledge when they’ve made a mistake and work hard to correct it. They respond to complaints with ownership, empathy, tact, and an attempt to provide solutions that goes above and beyond what are necessary to make it right. We strive to reach out to every single student who may have a concern and have upgraded systems in our schools through valued feedback.


6. Trust

Trust is important in any business. In our award-winning music school, we have a 5 point family safety plan that parents have come to rely on for their child’s safety. Our schools are equipped with cameras in each lesson room, a live stream in our cozy waiting area, observation windows built into each lesson room door, an open door policy for parents, available front desk staff and lastly but not least, all staff are police and reference checked. We also practice positive, open communication between our front desk members, teachers and parents to ensure that our students needs are always our first priority!


7. Cost

The cost of a business’ services is one of the most important aspects when considering whether the business has a winning edge. If the cost of the services are too low, it’s likely that the best teachers, up to date facilities and programs can’t be afforded by the school. If the service is over-priced, it can feel like the school is taking advantage of their students. We have striked the perfect balance by providing beyond the necessary basic values with our cost. Along with the stellar help of our trained front desk team members, additional programs and the most talented teachers, we help maintain our families’ busy schedules that we find are always much appreciated and almost invaluable! The more time and convenience we can provide our students without any additional charges, the better we are, and the prouder we become!


8. General Excellence

It takes a village to raise a child! It also takes a great team to raise the bar high. You can tell a business maintains a high bar of excellence not only when it’s customers express their gratitude through online reviews, but also when the business’ success is recognized not only by one highly regarded and nationally recognized awards company, but by multiple companies. This seal of excellence is the jewel in the crown of a growing, thriving business!

It takes great diligence, attention to detail, care and dedication for your services, and most importantly a love for our students that truly create an award winning music school. We are proud to be a pillar of excellence for our community. And most importantly, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve our families in the best way we know how – through the joy of music!

Thank you for voting us Best Music School Toronto!

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