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Practicing can be tough! It’s hard enough to find the time, never mind organizing everything you need before you really sit down to learn. That’s why we’ve created our T.A.A Drum Student Quick Links! To quickly and easily provide you access to everything you need for a practice session. Enjoy and happy practicing! 

Drum Kit Refresher

The drum kit isn’t an instrument itself, but rather a combination of instruments placed together! While certain drummers have different instruments within their kits, the most common pieces you will see are as follows:

Parts of a Drum Kit
Check out this video for an audio example of each instrument within the kit!

Drum Stick Types

While wooden sticks are the typical piece of equipment used to play the drum kit, there are different types used as well! Here are some of the most commonly used:


Used for a classic cracking drum tone, sticks are the most common type of striker used! They come in many different thickness, lengths and can be made of wood or plastic.


Brushes are used to create a softer and smoother sound on the kit. They are often used in jazz and acoustic music.


Mallets are sticks with balls on the end of them! These balls can be made of fabric, rubber, metal or wood. Mallets are used when a very specific sound is called for.


Rods are a type of striker that fall in between brushes and sticks! They are most often used for acoustic performances where a quieter tone is required.

Drum Notation Refresher

Since the drum set uses its own type of notation it can be tricky to remember! Here is a quick refresher of all the parts of the kit and what they look like on the page!

Online Metronome

Working with a metronome is one the best things a drummer can practice! Click here for a fantastic online click to play along with!

Drum Shops

In Toronto there are quite a few music shops that focus specifically on drums! We recommend these for that extra bit of knowledge you won’t find at a general music store.

Soul Drums

Just Drums


Drum Transcription Sites

Here are some great free drum sheet music sites to help you learn your favourite songs!

Wills Drums

Drum City

Andrew Rooney Drums

Closing Notes

Well, there you have it, our Drum Student Quick Links! Good luck with your practicing! And feel free to reach out to your teacher with any other questions!

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