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So, you think you’ve got rhythm? Rhythm is what makes music move us, whether it’s making us tap our feet, dance, or even nod off to sleep. Sadly, timing often gets the short end of the stick in Western
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While melody may be the star of most musical compositions, harmony is what provides all the color! Harmony consists of the notes that support the melody, whether in the form of a vocal line or a chord progression. With
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For most listeners, the melody is the defining element of a piece of music. Melodies stick in our heads and connect a composition into a whole. Because of this, it is imperative that the melody is well-written and thought
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Have you ever heard someone refer to the term “composition” when talking about music? Have you wondered how a composer is different from a songwriter? This article explains all that composition entails! Also, be sure to check out the
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Chrome Music Lab stands out as one of the finest free resources for musical education available online! It offers an array of games and interactive modules designed to enhance understanding in composition, synthesis, and music pattern recognition. In this
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