Embracing Technology in Children’s Music Education

In the age of technological advancements, education has undergone a revolutionary transformation. While concerns about negative impacts like increased screen time and diminished focus often dominate discussions, it’s essential to recognize the numerous benefits technology brings to the learning process. This article delves into embracing technology in children’s music, and takes a look at some great tools to try out!

Online Sheet Music Books and Song Listening

Companies like Sheet Music Direct and Sheet Music Plus have revolutionized access to learning materials. With thousands of pages of sheet music available online, these platforms offer a convenient and space-saving solution for aspiring musicians.


Following the gamified approach popularized by Rockband and Guitar Hero, Synthesia turns piano learning into an engaging video game-like experience. While not ideal for long-term learning, it serves as a fantastic introduction to a child’s piano journey, and is particularly appealing to kids.

Chrome Music Lab

This interactive software is a hit among kids, providing a playful environment for learning music theory and creation. Chrome Music Lab enables students to craft their own music while understanding the fundamental building blocks of musical composition.

Simply Piano

Functioning like a video game, Simply Piano has gained popularity for its engaging approach to music education. Students practice, level up, and face challenges, offering a supplementary tool to traditional learning methods with a teacher.


As a free online app facilitating music transcription, MuseScore empowers users to write and transcribe sheet music. With a vast repository of user-generated sheet music, MuseScore becomes a valuable resource for learning and discovering new songs.

Closing Notes

While acknowledging the negative aspects of technology, it’s crucial to harness its power thoughtfully to enhance children’s music education, making the process more enjoyable and engaging. To tailor a personalized plan for your child’s musical journey, contact us today!

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