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1. Performance Announcement
2. Wristbands Mailing Out
3. June to August Make Up Class Schedule 
4. June Spotify Playlist 
5. Zoom Updates
6. TAA Blog: One on One vs. Group Classes
7. Student Spotlight: Sky
8. Happy Birthdays 
9. Anniversaries
10. Welcome to Toronto Arts Academy
11. Teacher Waitlist

Registration Open Click Here to Register
– July 17, 2020
All videos and audio recording due!

Step One: Register!

No pressure! Not everyone has to participate but we highly encourage it as it provides such a wonderful experience and this one will be recorded for the books to remember! Registration will open before the end of this month. 

Step Two: Preparation
Choose a song with your teacher! Once that’s decided, they’ll be preparing you to record a performance on video. You’ll be using a backing click track that we’ll pay for students to use! That’s free of charge for you but it’ll make sure the audio quality will be amazing once edited.

Step Three: Practice Makes Progress
Practicing is always key in building confidence for performance time. We have a lot of bonus classes for you to use and get more feedback on the song you’re working on. Reach out to the front desk for an additional lesson plan 
– August 15 & 16, 2020
Live streaming with front desk & teachers!

Step Four: Recording Time!

This performance is going to be a new experience! There won’t be the pressure of performing live on the spot but it’ll create a wonderful opportunity to record a solid performance. Consider it more like making a video for an audition! Find a nice place or angle to record the video. We also recommend recording during a lesson so your teacher can help you adjust and take a few tries. All videos must be submitted by July 17 so we can edit your video for broadcast!

Step Five: Sit back and Relax!
Our team will get to editing each video. It’s going to be streaming live so make sure to tell all your friends and family! We’ll have links for everyone to share andlive streaming will be on August, Saturday 15 & Sunday 16. Your teacher will also be watching at the time of your performance to share in your experience!

Mailing Now!

We’re excited to announce that we are now able to mail out student wristbands!

When a test is passed, we’ll email you your certificate and an online form. You simply fill out the form with your full name, complete address and select your level wristband, and we’ll mail it right to your door!


June to August MAKE UP CLASS LINK You can also use the photo below to see where it is on our website’s navigation bar! RevolutionSpotify: We Shall OvercomeZOOM UPDATES

New Version
Make sure to update your Zoom this week!

You should see a prompt come up as they’ve done some pretty significant updates. 
If you need any help updating your device, check out Zoom’s website

Private Lessons vs. Group Classes
If you are debating whether it is better to study music in a group class or enroll in one-on-one lessons you are not alone. It’s a tough choice, and both types of learning have their benefits and challenges…
Continue Reading…
Name: Sky
Teacher: Ashiya
Level: Master
Instrument: Voice

TAA: What are you working on right now with your teacher?
SKY: Bad Guy by Billie Eilish
TAA: What do you love most about your lessons?
SKY: I love our warm ups and trying out new songs

TAA: What is your favourite song?
SKY: Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande

TAA: Who is your favourite singer?
SKY: Ariana Grande
Natalia K – June 1st
Matthew M – June 1st
Sahana P – June 1st
Soror S – June 1st
Sara S – June 1st
Lyubov K – June 3rd
Xiomara R – June 3rd
Cole R – June 3rd
Hamid S – June 3rd
Anna T – June 4th
Ivy-Viola G – June 5th
Andy A – June 6th
Maria E – June 7th
Blake G – June 7th
Naiara M – June 7th
Olga N – June 7th
Gillian M – June 8th
Daniella R – June 8th
April K – June 9th
Lezlee L – June 9th
Nikola P – June 9th
Edlira D – June 10th
Averie G – June 11th
Nehaa K – June 11th
Naomi S – June 11th
Arnold S – June 12th
Ella F – June 13th
Sofiya I – June 14th
Meron A – June 15th
James M – June 15th
Paula N – June 15th
Lily A – June 16th
Clare O – June 16th
Gabriela R – June 16th
Riley W – June 16th
Nir A – June 18th
Maria ABN – June 19th
Kiana D – June 19th
Katie D – June 19th
Aisling K – June 19th
Ann D – June 21st
Mayan J – June 21st
Krystina K – June 21st
Cindy M – June 23rd
Joey T – June 23rd
Mohammed S – June 26th
Timothy D – June 27th
Padmashree K – June 27th
Leena S – June 27th
Mireille M – June 28th
Sarah C – June 29th
Ronald R – June 29th

Adi M – 3 Years
James M – 3 Years
Christopher C – 2 Years
Akshay K – 2 Years
Mason F – 2 Years
Ariella A – 2 Years
Jacob D – 1 Year
Marco S – 1 Year
Melissa M – 1 Year
Gabriel C – 1 Year
Gabriel H – 1 Year
Naomi S – 1 Year
David K – 1 Year
Bob F – 1 Year
Xiomara R
Jordan L
Harper A
Arushi U
Shikha S
Lachlan H Meghan H
Stella N
Kristine C
Jayden D
Avery W
Cassandra T

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Alvaro: 1 SPOT
Julia: 2 SPOTS
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