Piano Hacks: Ways To Improve Away From The Keyboard

Everybody loves a good hack! While there are no magic shortcuts to mastering the piano, there are several activities that can enhance your skillset without dedicating extra time to monotonous scale practice. Here are our top five piano hacks!

1. Use Your Non-Dominant Hand for Daily Tasks

Playing the piano is inherently challenging with your non-dominant hand. To boost your confidence and dexterity, incorporate your non-dominant hand into simple daily tasks like brushing your teeth, using your computer mouse, or lifting your coffee cup. Though it may feel awkward initially, with consistent practice you’ll notice a gradual improvement in your confidence and control.

2. Engage in Finger Independence Exercises

Mastering the piano requires the coordinated use of each finger, and it’s common for some fingers to be stronger than others. Overcome this challenge by practicing finger independence exercises, which enhance touch and control. The beauty of these exercises is their flexibility – you can perform them while watching TV, during a train ride, or whenever you have some free time and empty hands! 

Give these exercises a try and witness the positive impact on your playing!

3. Tackle Coordination Challenges

Challenge your brain with activities that involve different simultaneous movements, similar to the classic “rub your belly while tapping your head” exercise. These challenges enhance your brain’s ability to coordinate various movements simultaneously, a crucial skill for piano playing.

4. Learn Simple Songs by Ear

While this hack does require you to be seated at the keyboard, it offers a refreshing change from the usual practice routine. Choose well-known tunes like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and attempt to figure them out by ear. Rely solely on your memory and the piano to recreate these melodies. This exercise enhances your connection between pitch and your hands, providing a unique and effective way to improve your musicality.

5. Understand Keyboard Geography

Master the visual aspect of the piano by understanding the pattern of black keys. This knowledge allows you to locate each note rapidly, making playing any song significantly easier. Turn it into a game – challenge yourself to play every octave of a randomly selected note as quickly as possible. Once you can do this effortlessly for every note, you’re well on your way to becoming a piano virtuoso.

Closing Notes

We hope you found these top 5 piano hacks enjoyable and beneficial. While there are no shortcuts to musical mastery, working with one of Toronto’s best music teachers can certainly guide you on your journey. Contact us today to explore your musical potential!

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